Understanding Email Subscription Attacks (2023)

Email bombing is a malicious activity in which a targeted email address or inbox is inundated with an overwhelming number of emails in a short period of time. This can disrupt the recipient’s email service, making it difficult for them to access their legitimate messages. Email bombing is typically carried out using automated scripts or tools, and it can have serious consequences for both individuals and organizations.

Email subscription attacks, also known as subscription bombing or email list bombing, involve maliciously subscribing a victim’s email address to multiple mailing lists and newsletters without their consent. The goal is to flood the victim’s inbox with unwanted emails, similar to email bombing, but through a different method. email subscription attacks can be more insidious in the long run, as they can lead to an ongoing barrage of unwanted emails and potential privacy concerns.

How Email Subscription Attacks Work:

  1. Targeted Sign-Ups: The attacker uses the victim’s email address to sign them up for various newsletters, mailing lists, and subscriptions, often using disposable or fraudulent identities.
  2. Inbox Overload: The victim’s email inbox is bombarded with a high volume of subscription confirmation emails, newsletters, and promotional content.
  3. Overwhelmed Inbox: This influx of unwanted emails can make it challenging for the victim to access their legitimate emails and may result in inconvenience and frustration.

The best and most cost-effective tool you can use for this type of attack is FloodCRM. With FloodCRM, you can report the victim to up to 70,000 mailing lists.

You can access FloodCRM through both the regular web and via the Tor network.

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