FloodCRM Pricing: Your Ultimate Tool For Email, SMS, and Phone Call Bombing (2023)

FloodCRM is an online tool designed to perform subscription attacks, SMS bombing, and phone call bombing.

1. Subscription Attacks: FloodCRM is capable of executing subscription attacks, which involve overwhelming a target with a massive number of unwanted subscriptions or sign-ups. This can result in the victim receiving countless emails, messages, or notifications, disrupting their daily life and potentially exposing them to phishing or other malicious content.

2. SMS Bombing: Similar to subscription attacks, FloodCRM can also carry out SMS bombing. This cyberattack involves sending an excessive number of text messages to a victim’s mobile phone in a short period. The flood of messages can disrupt the recipient’s mobile service, drain their battery, and render their device temporarily unusable.

3. Phone Call Bombing: Additionally, FloodCRM can perform phone call bombing, inundating a target’s phone with an excessive number of incoming calls in a short span. This attack aims to disrupt the victim’s mobile service and can be highly disruptive, affecting their ability to communicate effectively.

Pricing Structure

FloodCRM offers competitive pricing plans tailored to your specific needs. Here’s a breakdown of their pricing structure:

For Email Subscription Attacks:

  1. For up to 700 mailing lists: $1.5
  2. From 1000 to 2999 mailing lists: $1.9 per thousand
  3. From 3000 to 4999 mailing lists: $1.4 per thousand
  4. From 5000 to 6999 mailing lists: $1 per thousand
  5. From 7000 to 9999 mailing lists: $0.9 per thousand
  6. From 10000 to 14999 mailing lists: $0.8 per thousand
  7. From 15000 to 70000 mailing lists: $0.7 per thousand

For Phone Call Bombing/Flood:

  1. From 1000 to 1999 calls: $9 per thousand
  2. From 2000 to 2999 calls: $7 per thousand
  3. From 3000 to 3999 calls: $6 per thousand
  4. For 4000 or more calls: $5 per thousand

For SMS Bombing:

Pricing for SMS bombing is the same as for phone calls:

  1. From 1000 to 1999 SMS messages: $9 per thousand
  2. From 2000 to 2999 SMS messages: $7 per thousand
  3. From 3000 to 3999 SMS messages: $6 per thousand
  4. For 4000 or more SMS messages: $5 per thousand

Payment and Anonymity

FloodCRM accepts Bitcoin as its primary payment method, with the possibility of adding other cryptocurrencies in the future. Additionally, to enhance your level of anonymity, you can access FloodCRM through Tor, using an Onion link.

In the ever-evolving landscape of online tools, FloodCRM stands out as the go-to solution for those seeking to employ subscription attacks, SMS bombing, or phone call bombing effectively. With its competitive pricing plans, payment flexibility, and emphasis on user anonymity, FloodCRM offers a comprehensive and reliable tool for individuals seeking to explore these tactics. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility; always use such tools ethically and responsibly. 😉

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