FloodCRM: High-Volume Email, SMS, and Phone Call Bombing (2024)

FloodCRM is an online service that specializes in facilitating high-volume email, SMS, and phone call bombing.

It’s a platform for sending a lot of messages to a target, to flood their communication channels and overwhelm them.

FloodCRM can send up to 70,000 subscription emails to a target, making it a powerful tool.

This service works on an invite-only system and is well-known for being cost-effective, which makes it appealing for people who want to send lots of messages without spending too much money. FloodCRM is especially popular among individuals involved in activities like carding and hacking because it’s easy to use and affordable.

Furthermore, FloodCRM is accessible through both clearnet and onion network, providing users with flexibility in their usage. It’s important to note that FloodCRM accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin as its payment methods, adding an additional layer of privacy for users.

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